Saturday, February 21, 2015


My son Eric will play as Jerome, the son of a French man named Millie in the live theater play South Pacific. I'm so proud of him because of all the kids here in town he was chosen to play that role. Eric surprises me everyday, one day he's into dancing, then into soccer or basketball and then now he's into live theater. Other than that he also excel in his class and as he always say he's the smartest. I guess he just to study about humility because looks like he's becoming too proud. I can't blame him because everywhere we go, people recognized and always praised him. I'm going to check out to see instruments that he may like in the future. If there's a good we can take advantage of it.

Day Off

Today I'm thankful to God that my tonsillitis is gone. It was a horrible working with sore throat, swollen tonsils and pink eye. Truly, when it rains it really pours. My back doesn't hurt as bad as before. So today, me and my kids will visit my parents in Cave Junction because we haven't seen them for a very long time. I wish they love closer but at least it's not like a thousand miles away. I'm praying that God will give them good health all the time and more strength so they can survive the weather condition here in America and the homesickness they feel everyday.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Register Rewards

I didn't not splurge on shopping yesterday but I splurge on getting free stuff at Walgreens by using their register rewards. I didn't know about until I ring out customers who were using using it when I'm working in the front register. I think it's great and fun. I pretty got everything for free. I have a lot of toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes and hairstyles. I want to get spun polyester tablecloths too whenever I got the chance. Since then, I'm no longer interested in buying full prized products unless I get a very good deal out of it.

11th Year Anniversary

Wow it's our 11th year wedding anniversary, time flies so fast. This year is different from the other years though. This year I didn't get anything from my  husband; no chocolates, no flowers, and no cards. I was actually not hurt because when I approach him about it he finally opened up his feelings towards me that he's been keeping for so long. My husband never fight back when I get mad but now he finally did and to be honest I feel good. We were able to talk about differences and we promise to hold on to each other. I think  after this, we are guaranteed for 10 years and hopefully a lifetime.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day Off Almost Over

I have two days off but still it seems that I pretty much haven't done anything important. I'm supposed to prepare our tax amendment for my Oregon Tax. We owe Oregon $444 dollars. I shouldn't have to pay anything because I have 4 kids but looks like the tax system is not pro poor. Anyways we're trying to file for amendment hoping it will go down a little bit. To wrap up my day-off I'm trying to finish shopping for costumes for my kids. Send for our free catalog. ,is what I need actually because my eyes is hurting for browsing back and forth in the computer.

Silly Eric

I'm not sure if this an appropriate post or not but I cant help it I just think its funny and as always it's about Eric. So he and Sophia we're arguing so I have to bring them both in our room and talk to them in front of their dad. I said," Both of you, I love u so see you both came from my big tummy..see my tummy is used to be small but since YOU grow in my tummy it went big and never went back to original now you are fighting I can swallow you back because I have enough space here. " Sophia was teary eyed and Eric said " oh swallow Sophia first. LADIES FIRST YOU KNOW............"....btw Lee asked me not to post this..

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mysteries of Laura

Another show that I love watching is mysteries of Laura. It's fun and entertaining. I love the character of Laura and his relationship with her boss who was her ex-husband. I get to watch this how when I work from 11:45 to 8:15, after I dropped off my dad at his work. My schedule is very busy. I have to wake early in the morning to drop my mom and dad to work then I have to go back to get ready too. If I have at least two hours to rest, I watched TV while folding colds or polishing my nails or browse online and check for  fast track pro. I'm glad that I'm a closer today because I have to buy something later tonight for the kids. I just pray that this day will turned out great.
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