Sunday, October 19, 2014

Day Off Almost Over

I have two days off but still it seems that I pretty much haven't done anything important. I'm supposed to prepare our tax amendment for my Oregon Tax. We owe Oregon $444 dollars. I shouldn't have to pay anything because I have 4 kids but looks like the tax system is not pro poor. Anyways we're trying to file for amendment hoping it will go down a little bit. To wrap up my day-off I'm trying to finish shopping for costumes for my kids. Send for our free catalog. ,is what I need actually because my eyes is hurting for browsing back and forth in the computer.

Silly Eric

I'm not sure if this an appropriate post or not but I cant help it I just think its funny and as always it's about Eric. So he and Sophia we're arguing so I have to bring them both in our room and talk to them in front of their dad. I said," Both of you, I love u so see you both came from my big tummy..see my tummy is used to be small but since YOU grow in my tummy it went big and never went back to original now you are fighting I can swallow you back because I have enough space here. " Sophia was teary eyed and Eric said " oh swallow Sophia first. LADIES FIRST YOU KNOW............"....btw Lee asked me not to post this..

Friday, October 17, 2014

Mysteries of Laura

Another show that I love watching is mysteries of Laura. It's fun and entertaining. I love the character of Laura and his relationship with her boss who was her ex-husband. I get to watch this how when I work from 11:45 to 8:15, after I dropped off my dad at his work. My schedule is very busy. I have to wake early in the morning to drop my mom and dad to work then I have to go back to get ready too. If I have at least two hours to rest, I watched TV while folding colds or polishing my nails or browse online and check for  fast track pro. I'm glad that I'm a closer today because I have to buy something later tonight for the kids. I just pray that this day will turned out great.

A Chance of Peace of Mind

At times when we feel like we are less fortunate than others, pause for a moment and let's count our blessings. Be thankful that we get the chance to sleep more than 5 hours. I work 2 jobs before and it's no fun. I barely get 4 hours sleep. Be thankful that we can still buy food for the family and we don't have to fall in line for free food. Any chance of peace of mind is always a reason to celebrate because we will never know how long it will last. But, as long as we have God in our hearts we know that no problems we can't solve because He is guiding us a long the way.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just One Fulltime JOb

It's been two weeks since I started working fulltime in Walgreens. My last day in Fredmeyer pharmacy was last Sept 30. Even though I already put in my two weeks notice in Fredmeyer but still my boss in apparel department wants to keep me and ask me if I can at least work once a week. But now I'm not so sure if I would love to go back. I have so many things to do in the house. God knows how I struggle. If not for God I will be lost. If I will go back to work at Fred Meyer, that will make me really busy and I will consider trying cityofsleep sound therapy machine so that I will be able to keep myself together.

Facebook Bashing

I have a friend whose husband always uses her facebook and posting negative comments on people he don't like. I find very ugly. First, he should open his account when he goes out bashing people online instead of using his wife's account. People who don't know would think that his wife is very uneducated. I tried to tell my friend but looks like she agree with what her husband is doing. I still find very uncivilized. No matter how mad you are at a person, it is still not right to be airing your sentiments in a public online forum such as the Crescent City deals.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Children's Choir

I finally got a preview of my son's first communion pictures. It looks like there are pictures that I have to purchase more than I expected to buy. There are also pictures of my eldest daughter altar serving and my youngest being part of the children's choir. All my children are part of the children's choir. They love to sing. They all have extra curricular activities and when they are at home they are so busy with innovative electronics that keeps them busy.
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