Saturday, November 3, 2012

Identity Stronghold

                  In this electronic age most shoppers used their credit and debit cards to pay their purchaces, for convenience and security purposes.
                    But be aware that there are some  People(the new way thieves) by means of electronic pick pocketing,can steal your credit card info. Through electronic divice and cellphone,the radio frequency id chip in the  Credit card emits the account numbers and other informations. This is a big riskto the credit card  holders.Identity  Stronghold ,manufacturer of RFID blocking products,manufactures the rfid RFID secure wallet designed to shield RFID ,enabled contactless credit card pass port and driver’s license.Thesewallet sleeves and badge holder prevent electronic pickpocketing by protecting the RFID chip.  Be not be a victim of electronic pickpocketing and hockers,used RFID secure wallet. It’s smartly designed ,made up of all leather.It’s affordable in price.

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