Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Jacket

This winter time, even if we have to wear a double jackets we can still feel the penetrating coolness. My sister who is employed in one of the department store in our place knows the appropriate jacket for this season, gave me a patagonia slingshot jacket .
I observed the difference between the previous jacket which I was using .It is much comfortable in my any movement. I like it so much, because it keep me always warm and convenient for it is light in weigh yet it is durable.When we wear this coupled with Patagonia Sweater we have the confidence of staying outdoor or going to our hobby of fishing .
Now is the best opportunity to buy this jacket, because they are offering a 30% discount of this item with free shipping. From the regular price of $149.95 we can now buy it for $103.94. So we can save $46.00. This is a lot of saving.

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