Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Get it Going with Espresso

Once I said I'm not a coffee person but when I tried White Caramel Coffee in an Espresso bar in Hiouchi I became an espresso lover. So now, whenever I get the chance to stop by in Starbucks or in Java Cafe I wouldn't miss buying my Cappuccino or Iced Coffee. It would be nice to have my own espresso machines at home, then invite friends to come over to have an Espresso party, wow that sounds like a good idea. Well, I remember my husband told me that his former boss ago has his own espresso machine in his office, and he did used his own money to buy it for the office. And he was so jazzed everytime he uses it. I don't think those espresso machines are expensive. They differ actually which brands you want to buy. There's one for the home or for commercial use. So obviously those espresso machines for commercial used has higher prices. Starting a business like an Espresso Bar is a great idea too especially here in our place which is mostly cold. To know about the different kinds and prices of Espresso Machines, detailed information is available in

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